August 9, 2015

GST 6%

Its normal for any organization to borne tax expense at time of purchase. But the important thing that any organization need to realize is the need to minimize and implement strategic and prudent spending. For example, GST imposes direct Deem and Standard Rated for any purchases and supply. Therefore, to minimize the impact of GST, an organization need to categorized and charged the supply at correct entry. Besides that, the RITTR also plays important role in managing tax. The journal entry then will ensure expense at minimum level. So, any accountant need to specify, charged and categorized the supply and purchases of goods and services at correct time and appropriate assigned.

Rental for Tour,Research and Family Trip

We provide car rental for tour, reseach activity and family trip in Kuching,Sarwak,Malaysia. Anyone intrested,please call 0138135934 or email to

A lot of nice and intresting places in Kuching for tourist and researcher. A few month ago, a couple of researcher rented a car just to look for Sarawak's heritage. That includes such place like cave, tourism spot,virgin jungle, rehabilitation centre and etc.

September 27, 2011

Investment, Opportunity?

Invest abroad would exposes individual with outside tense and unexpected  outcome. Market sentiment and irrational influences has brought down value to zero. However, to invest outside Malaysia, there are several characteristics and techniques need to be scrutinized.

a) Invest in attractive sector outside which not found inside
b) companies offer global exposure
c) companies that derives revenue almost from part of the world

However, research must be done thoroughly before any outside investment undertaken. The existence of internet does make the investment  becomes more sophisticated, but to international investor, more exposure to the fund itself is vital in making decision. " Investing in overseas market come with high potential, but be mindful of the risk inherent in venturing beyond  the familiarity of your home shores".


a) Currency - major risk. The use of forward contract can help to hedge out this particular risk. To mitigate risk, diversifies portfolio across different  markets.
b)  country political
c) liquidity risk


Try to invest in establish, accepted, widely accessible,authorized and popular and also liquid, large-capitalization markets such as US,UK,Germany,HK,Australia and Singapore. These countries bring up freely available research information to investors, as a guide and sophisticated approach to potential or existing investors.